Richard Wright

Richard is the principal of Aonui Architecture. His long held passion for environmentally sustainable design guides the team and infuses Aonui projects with the unique resilient quality that distinguishes the firm. Richard has 30 years experience in low energy and low carbon footprint design solutions ranging from historic building conversions, active solar houses and commercial buildings in New Zealand, and passive solar cooled schools in the Tokelau Islands. He is a regular lecturer in sustainable design at Victoria University of Wellington School of Architecture. His specialty skills include tertiary education buildings and maritime transport terminals.

Jennifer Giller

Senior Architectural Graduate

Jennifer completed her Master’s Degree in Architecture at Victoria University in 2012 with a thesis on tensile structures. Following this she worked on the production of building consented ‘yurts’ and the design of lightweight sheltering canopies. She has gained hands-on experience through setting up infrastructure for events and through voluntary work in Central America and Indonesia. Jennifer has a passion for sustainable design, enjoys outdoor pursuits and has an appreciation and knowledge of NZ native plants.

Caitlin Bruce

Architectural Graduate

Caitlin completed her masters in Architecture at Victoria University of Wellington at the beginning of 2020. Her thesis was on creating a circular economy for waste plastic by turning it into 3D printing filament. The recycled plastic filament was then used to additive manufacturing building elements. She has an enthusiasm for sustainability and has a love for nature with her hobby being indoor plants. She also enjoys cooking, photography and traveling.

Simon Shaw

Project Manager

Simon MIPEng works part time providing project management on commercial and larger residential projects. Simon was a senior consultant in national construction management company Arrow International for 25 years and the Wellington branch manager for 5 years before joining Aonui Architecture.