“Aonui Architecture excelled in translating our broad requirements for a new family house on a greenfield site into a practical and fun house. Detailed design was also carried out absolutely to our satisfaction. We are very proud of the result. The house is warm and dry, even though on a windy Wellington hilltop. It has been a great experience working with Richard, his team and the builders he chose for us.”                            

                                     –  Residents at Saddle Hill, Active Solar House


te aro townhouse-1

“These houses warm up well during the day and retain the heat throughout the night. We have low energy costs despite always being in the low 20’s during winter. Heated polished floors, insulation and well positioned windows for thermal gain and ventilation are always what we tell people we like the most, not to mention the look from the street.”

                                     –  Resident of Te Aro Townhouses