Te Whare-iti

Portfolio Categories: Residential and Work in progress.

Te Whare-iti has won a national competition for infill housing, specifically designed for Auckland backyards but is proving equally popular elsewhere with buyers wanting small homes for their beach sections, lifestyle blocks and retirement villages.

Te Whare-iti is a system of connecting living spaces to exactly meet your needs. The unique ability to link standard room modules in almost any combination and direction means this efficient system is sustainable, fast to prefabricate, and very cost effective.

As at November 2020, we have had 44 enquiries, with various projects at different stages of development – including CAD drawings for plans, getting the OK to crane buildings onto site, and working on building consents for individual Te Whare-iti.

For more information, see Te Whare-iti, or send an email to tewhare.iti.jw@gmail.com to discuss options that would suit your situation.