About us

Aonui Architecture is a New Zealand Institute of Architects registered practice with a principal who is a Registered Architect listed with the New Zealand Registered Architects Board (NZRAB). We were founded in 2003 by Richard Wright with the express purpose of providing architectural services that are focused on resilient design in general and low energy consumption, low carbon footprint building construction and smart building management systems in particular.
We have a portfolio of completed sustainable design projects of all types throughout New Zealand and the Pacific. We use our accumulated data and experience to deliver increasingly efficient low-impact buildings for clients who have a shared commitment to smarter, warmer, drier, healthier accommodation being part of their future. We work with the most enlightened and proactive consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, and contractors to bring the goals of net zero energy consumption and carbon neutral building nearer to reality with every new completed project.
Our architecture captures the dreams of our clients, the spirit of their sites, and the joy of beautiful spaces in truly responsive buildings that will always be capable of nurturing and inspiring their occupants and owners.