Aonui is a winner in the PrefabNZ SNUG Competition with Te Whare-iti

Aonui’s Te Whare-iti is a winner in the PrefabNZ SNUG house design competition for small affordable homes for Auckland city!

Te Whare-iti can suit a range of sites, and spaces as narrow as nine metres. Box-forms plug into a services core in a variety of configurations to best suit yard size, sun, views, access, and budget. The living space is a multi-use space and serves as a bedroom by night, with sliding doors, preserving kitchen access for others. Sustainable design includes locally-sourced timber panels, passive solar harvesting, thermal mass, electric window openers and a roof pitch suitable for solar power.


The design is based from modules, with a focus on adaptable design for the client’s requirements. The modules are designed with the goal of achieving a Lifemark score of 5, which TWI 15 was provisional 5 stark. TWI15 is shown below.

TWI Page 2

What the judges said: “It looks like a rectilinear box, but the configurable interior allows for changes to walls to give diagonal view-lines and paths of interest. An exceptionally well-considered design that is aesthetically adaptable and flexible, and easily imagined as a complementary dwelling in a number of New Zealand sections.”


The SNUG competition brief was to design ‘a home in my backyard’. The designs were required to be under 65m2 to meet requirements by Auckland Council.

Visit Te Whare-iti to see how to get the perfect plan to fit your backyard, beach section or lifestyle block.

Watch our video below showcasing the flexibility of Te Whare-iti.


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