Martinborough Artist’s Studio

Our computer generated image (CGI) artist client needed to put a little space between his family and work environment in central Martinborough. This 10 mprefabricated rear garden studio, built partly from recycled and surplus materials, was the Aonui designed solution.

Andrew Shaw stands at his computer screens but is only 3 steps from the deck for open air creative inspiration and to engage with family and friends. Outside work time a loft bed offers another use for the studio when visitor numbers exceed house accommodation.

The studio was constructed over several weeks as seven flat-packed frames and assembled on site in one day before being clad and lined insitu. The deck is in the form of a drawbridge held by old wrought steel truss hanger and eye bolts set into the aluminium clad slab walls. It hinges through 90° to become a security barrier if needed when the owner is away for an extended period.